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Kinect V2 (new version with XBOX1) SDK Avatar Avateering sample migration from version 1.8SDK.


This project is not working, THERE ARE NO PLANS BECAUSE XNA IS DEAD

I strongly suggest using Unity instead or basically anything else, Steam, etc.

FURTHER Kinect JointOrientation and BoneRotation Matrix is screwed up in Kinect

Kinect v2 SDK Joint Orientation (Convo 1 pertaining to JO)

See this site:
guys site:

c 'K2-SDK orientations' are: (Brekel's)
and (wingcloud's)
Discussion related to this item: Unity JointOrientations to Bone Mapping Not Quite Right

Kinect v2 SDK Joint Orientation

How to interpret JointOrientation data
Kinect V2 Avateering using "dude" to move when the Kinect detects movement. Used the old v1 sample provided in SDK 1.8 and attempting to migrate the code to new version. Which does not support the same methods like matrix quaternion or hierarchical bone orientation.
Reference the following forums in K2:

Trying to figure out the values:
Here is an explanation of the values:

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